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                                                       To start from the heart to give sincere service.
                                                       The demands of our customers are the driving force to enhance
                                                       our skills and technologies. To think for customers and to create
                                                       better business value is the origin of our growth.
                                                       To introduce new techniques and technology through
                                                       continuous  learning, to enhance employee values and
                                                       create the core competitiveness of the company.
                                                       Our goal is to provide comprehensive services. We innovate,
                                                       research and develop to produce high quality motion components
                                                       that satisfy customer's demand. Our employees have the positive,
                                                       active, and responsible attitude for the industry.
                                                       We keep innovating and developing with business value and
                                                       service spirits. We pursue excellent product quality , strive to
                                                       satisfy customer demands and become the business paradigm of
                                                       "precision motion components" in the global market.