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     Screw Spline

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       Spline PBSA Series

High Positioning Accuracy
The Ball Spline groove profile is designed Gothic arch. By applied preload, the backlash in the rotational direction is eliminated therefore having higher positioning accuracy.  
Lightweight and Compact
Spline nut and the support bearing is integration structure. The Spline nut is designed lightweight. Therefore, the highly accurate and compact design is achieved.
Simple Installation
The balls recirculation in ball holder, prevent balls falling from the spline nut while assembling.
Support Bearing
The support bearing of the Ball Screw is designed a contact angle of 45°, thus it has higher axial rigidity, while Ball Spline has a contact angle of 45°, thus it has the average force of axial and radial direction.
Smooth Motion and
Lower Noise
As the Ball Screw is adapting end cap recirculation structure, thus can be smooth motion with lower noise.  
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