Linear Guideway
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Introduction for     Each Series
   - MSA Series
      Heavy Load Type

   - MSB Series
      Compact Type

   - MSG Series
      Wide Rail Type

   - MSC.MSD Series
      Miniature Type

   - MSH Series
      Cross Linear Guideway

   - MSR Series
      Full Roller Type

   - SMR Series
      Roller Chain Type

   - SME Series
      Ball Chain Type

   - SMH Series
      Ball Chain Type Cross
      Linear Guideway


  Balls roll four rows of raceways precision-ground on a rail and a carriage, and end cap incorporated in the carriage allow the balls to circulate. Since retainer plates hold the balls, they do not fall off even if the rail is pulled out. This model is an integral type of linear guideway that squares an internal structure similar to other model, which has a proven track record and is highly reliable, with another and uses two rails in combination.
The two rails are also machined with high precision in relative straightness. As a result, extremely high accuracy in orthogonality is achieved. Since an orthogonal linear guideway system can be achieved with model MSH alone, a conventionally required saddle is no longer necessary, the structure for X-Y motion can be simplified and the whole system can be downsized.
  Four-way Equal Load High Rigidity  
Dimension (clickable)
All dimensions are same as MSH-S except the length is longer, which makes it more rigid.  
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  Carriage Type  
  Rail Type  
  Description of Specification  
  Accuracy Grade  
  Preload Grade  
  The Shoulder Height and Corner Radius for Installation  
  Dimensional Tolerance of Mounting Surface  
  Rail Maximum Length and Standard  
  Tapped-hole Rail Dimensions