It is important for a high-lead ballscrew to be with characteristics of high rigidity, low noise and thermal control. PMI takes its patented design and treatments to achieve the following characteristics:

High DN Value    
  Max. DN Value: 220,000    
  Low Noise  
  The average and accurate ball circle diameter (BCD) through whole threads make the ballscrews to obtain the stable and consistent drag torque as well as to reduce the noise. The audio frequency is low and deep due to the designed of plastic circulation system.  
  Space Saving  
  The ballnut diameter reduces 20%~25% substantially and the length of nut is shorter. The total space shall be reduced to approximately 50% consequently.  
  The specially designed pathway of the Recirculation System makes a contact with lead angle and also with BCD in the same tangency, improving its smoothness eff ectively.

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