High-lead Ballscrews are essential elements and parts for high-speed machine tools of next century.  
  It is important for a High-lead Ballscrew to be with characteristics of high rigidity, low noise and thermal control. PMI 's designs and treatments are taken for following:  
High DN Value
  The DN value can be 130,000 in normal case. For some special cases, for example in a fixed ends case, the DN value can be as high as 140,000. Please contact our engineers for this special application.  
High Speed
  PMI 's High-speed Ballscrews provide 100 m/min and even higher traverse speed for machine tools for high performance cutting.  
High Rigidity
  Both the screw and ballnut are surface hardened to a specific hardness and case depth to maintain high rigidity and durability.
Multiple thread starts are available to make more steel balls loaded in the ballnut for higher rigidity and durability.
Low Noise
  Special design of ball circulation tubes offer smooth ball circulation inside the ballnut. It also makes safe ball fast running into the tubes without damaging the tubes.
Accurate ball circle diameter (BCD) through whole threads for consistent drag torque and low noise.

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