Lead Accuracy

Nomenclature of
PMI Ballscrew

PMI Precision
 Ground Ballscrew

Internal Ball Series
End Deflector Series
External Ball Series
High Lead Series
Heavy Load Series
Heavy Load Series of    End Deflector
End Cap Series
Miniature Series
Standard Type Series
PMI Rolled
PMI Ballscrews of Blank Shaft End
PMI Ballscrew
With Hollow
Cooling System
FA Series

  The new circulation design of PMI FA series of precision ballscrews carried out the advantages of High Speed, Low Noise, Effi ciency, and Standardization for diff erent kinds of application.  
  Short Delivery Flexibility of stroke length High accuracy with reasonable price  
  Space saving High speed and lower noise  
Application range
  Semiconductor equipments, Measuring devices, Inspection equipments, Medical equipments,
Automation, Light load machining, Glue depositing, and other precision motion and positioning
Dimension (clickable)

Screw Dia.Ø12 Lead05Screw Dia.Ø12 Lead10Screw Dia.Ø15 Lead05

  Screw Dia.Ø15 Lead10Screw Dia.Ø20 Lead05Screw Dia.Ø20 Lead10  
  Screw Dia.Ø20 Lead20Screw Dia.Ø25 Lead05  
  Screw Dia.Ø25 Lead10,20,25