Lead Accuracy

Nomenclature of
PMI Ballscrew

PMI Precision
 Ground Ballscrew

Internal Ball Series
End Deflector Series
External Ball Series
High Lead Series
Heavy Load Series
Heavy Load Series of    End Deflector
End Cap Series
Miniature Series
Standard Type Series
PMI Rolled
PMI Ballscrews of Blank Shaft End
PMI Ballscrew
With Hollow
Cooling System
FA Series


Lower noise due to longer ball circulation paths.
Off ers smoother ball running.
Off ers better solution and quality for long lead or large diameter ballscrews.

  There are two types of Ballnut of the external circulation Ballscrews. They are "immersion type" of A and "extrusive type" of B. The "immersion type" means the ball circulation tubes are inside the circular surface of Ballnut as shown on specifi cations of this catalogue are of "immersion type".

In some cases, as per designs on customer's drawings, there are smaller outer diameters ballnuts required. Then the ball circulation tubes shall extrude out of Ballnut circular surface.
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