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Focused on improvements of contact points of balls and thread grooves, ball diameter and circulation system for new type, FSVH. The rated dynamic load has been increased to as two times as that of conventional type, FSVC.

  Long Life
  Structure of the newly developed circulation system is designed to distribute the load uniformly to the load balls and it also increases the life of ballscrews.
On conventional circulation system, FSVC, the returning tube is inserted into the holes on ballnut
perpendicularly which forms an advancing angle.

While ball moves into returning tube, it will hit tube end area and then move into returning tube. New circulation system, FSVH, ball will move into returning tube smoothly by tangent line as the same direction as lead angle. It can increase the life of circulation system structure.
  High DN Value  
  With the newly developed circulation system,
ballscrews can meet the demands of high speed
running with high DN value.
  Low Noise    
  To use tangential circulation system structure, it can eliminate the noise while balls run into the returning tube.
  Various Specifi cations Combination    
  PMI can supply various ballscrews with diameter 50~100mm and lead 16mm to 25mm (Please
contact PMI for your specifi c design requirement)
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