ESHE Policy

ESHE Policy


ESHE Policy 

PMI devotes in research & developing and manufacturing of Precision Linear Motion Components. To provide world class levels of service, quality and learning through our innovative business philosophy, that is integral to all PMI's transmission components and services. To protect the environment and personal safety by more actively promoting and implementing the ROHS green system, ESH and energy management systems. To meet or exceed regulatory levels for emission and waste control, within a labor-friendly work environment that utilizes the latest energy reduction technology to make PMI a leader in environmental protection. Through the guidance of safety and environmental management systems, energy awareness advocacy and setting up the related regulations, we promise to prevent any pollution, conserve resources, safety as priority, enhance health and energy-saving, with every staff's involvement.


In accordance with the spirits of innovations and developments, PMI can provide the best mechanical efficiency and quality service to our customers, ensure the personal safety, reduce any harmful factors to every staff in the working place, increase the knowledge of safety and environment, prevent any pollutions, injuries, diseases happened, and effective energy control. Moreover, to be a sustainable development GREEN INDUSTRY, PMI will continue to improve the safety, environment activities and energy usage management in order to take the corporation social responsibility to the utmost and reduce any harmful factors and energy consumption during the manufacturing.

We promise and are devoted to implement the following environmental and energy policies:
  1. By reducing pollution and continually improving our energy usage performance, PMI can simultaneously minimize accidents and sickness whilst achieving regulatory compliance.
  2. PMI develops GREEN products, strengthen risk and energy management.
  3. Purchase energy-saving products, improve the design of the energy performance.
  4. Every department participates to preserve our environment, to increase Energy Awareness and to enhance safety; thereby minimising injuries whist reducing energy consumption.

Based on the above descriptions, PMI will continue holding every kind of safety, environment and energy activities, increase our international environmental protection image and industry competition, and let the related organizations understand our ambitions and responsibilities to the environment and energy management that people live in.

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