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Special design to reduce the friction

Fixed the strip to the table and combined with the roller design, so that the trip can be directly drive while moving the table and reduce the friction.


•Low dust structure

Fully cover design combine pneumatic component and lubrication reduce the dust generating, It will be reach ISO14644-1 and CLASS 4. (equivalent to FED209E CLASS 10)

Various of the product option
1.According to the space used and equipment size. PMI provided the model CKM20, CKM26, CKM33, CKM46. The length and lead equivalent to KM series. If you have special request, please contact PMI for details.
2.PMI provided the table, the unit is able to mounted from either top or bottom face.

Saving Space
CKM SERIES continue the structure and characteristic of KM, as performance it can save the installation space and suit for clean room.

High Rigidity
Base on the optimal analysis of FEM for the shape of U rail, it has the balance between light weight and high rigidity.

High Accuracy
The design of two rows with Gothic-arch groove and stable manufacturing technology can control the variation by load at the minimum. It can provide the smooth feed with high accuracy.

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