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DIN Standard Models



The production of the PMI rolled ballscrews has adopted a manufacturing process and equipment unlike other manufacturers. Combining advanced skills and the Bad Düben digital electric screw thread rolling machine, we adhere to a strict quality control policy at every stage of production, from the selection of ballscrew material and rolled processing to induction hardening heat treatment and post production. We are committed to providing clients with products of the best quality.

The combination of rolled ballscrews and ground nuts has replaced the traditional ACME screws and trapezoidal screws. This makes for a smoother operation while lowering friction and backlash. Moreover, the new technology has the advantage of faster production speed and lower prices.

Besides differences in the definition of lead deviation and geometric tolerance, rolled and ground ballscrews can both eliminate axial play by preloading. Please contact us for related technical information.


• Nuts are Interchangeable
• High Precision Rolled Nuts

DIN Standard Models
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