Every employee who has been employed for three years shall have NT$20,000 subsidy for home or abroad travelling. Since the fourth year, he/she shall be entitled to NT$20,000 subsidy for home or abroad travelling every two years. This can also be used as physical check up subsidy.

Employees shall be provided with birthday bonus, diner party, tour, special shops discount, and Labor Day gift.

Caring about employees' health, we provide complimentary physical check-up every two years.

We have always made much of employees' education and training in order to meet with personal career planning and company growth.

We have a five-star internal restaurant serving complimentary lunch and dinner for the employees.

 Our concern for the employees.

Performance system and the holidays listed in Labor Standard Act.

Labor insurance, health insurance, and 6% retirement pension.

We have related protection equipment provided to ensure occupational safety.

Complimentary summer and winter uniforms (including caps and safety boots) and thermal cups are provided.

Company events

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