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Dust Proof

► Code of contamination protection
► Resistance value of seal
► Contamination protection
► Cover Strip
► HD-Enhanced Dust-proof
► Caps for rail mounting hole

​​​► Each Series of linear guideway with different dust-proof accessories,comparing with standard dust-proof accessories,the overall length of carriage is different


• Lubrication
A well lubrication is important for maintaining the function of linear guideway. If the lubrication is not sufficient, the frictional resistance at rolling area will increase and the service life will be shortened as a result of wear of rolling parts.
Two primary lubricants are both grease and oil used for linear motion system, and the lubrication methods are categorized into manual and forced oiling. The selection of lubricant and its method should be based on the consideration of operating speed and environment requirement.

► Grease lubrication
► Oil lubrication
► SL Lubricator
► Lubrication equipment - Grease gun

Surface Treatment

► Introduction

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