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PPR Miniature Series



• High Applicability Shaft Ends
Without heat treating processes on the shaft ends, the center holes on both side will be reserve. The shaft ends could be easily manufactured to favored size.

• Short Delivery
Standardized stock for general specification's thread length and length of blank shaft ends.

• Lower Price
The accuracy can be as good as JIS C5 and C7 grade and with standardized axial clearance for the reason that can be cost down and the price will be cheaper.

PPR(Miniature Series) - Features
• Space Saving
External circulation system, it don't need to have at least one end with complete thread to the end of Ballscrew for Ballnut assembly to screw shaft. And the special design of ballnut, so the size of ballnut is same as internal circulation system of ballnut, Space saving.

• Circulation
By way of 3D Spline designed pathway for circulation system, and has enhanced the smooth circulation of ball ,that can reduce the wearing and increase the life of ballscrew.

PPR Miniature Series
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