Cross Roller Bearing

Cross Roller Bearing



High Accuracy

PMI oers precision cross roller bearing in the P2, P4, P5, P6 and P0 grades that to satisfy the needs of customers for precision equipment. The bearings produced by the test are classified that according to the accuracy of the ISO standard.

High Rigidity、High Load Capacity

Rollers crossed at right angles between inner and outer rings , the roller and groove contact area compare with ball bearings is bigger and contributing to miniaturization and increase load capacity and rigidity.

Save Space

Traditional Ball bearing combination space larger than Cross roller bearing about 1.5~2times, reduce the design space and miniaturization.

Specification Diversification

Bore diameter 20mm to 160mm available for selection.

Crowning Rollers

The rollers designed crowning curve that to avoid stress concentrate at both ends of the roller for the reason that it is maximum stress value of the roller can be reduced and the loading is relatively average, so improve the life of cross roller bearing.

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