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SKM series consist of linear guideway unit and ballscrew unit. For saving space, PMI combine the carriage of linear guideway and nut of ballscrew to a integral Carriage-Nut.The carriage-nut cooperate with the U rail designed for high  rigidity  to  achieve  the  high  rigidity  and  high  accuracy  in  the  minimal  space,  especially  to  saving  time  of installation.  Moreover,  the  design  of  two  rows  with  Gothic-arch  groove  and  contact  angle  of  45°can  bear  four directional loading.

• Four Directional Equal Load
SKM series  are  applied  two  rows  with  Gothic-arch  groove and  designed  to  contact  angle  of  45°  which  enables  it  to 
carry  an  equal  load  in  radial,  reversed  radial  and  lateral directions to suit to any mounting orientation.

• Saving Space
Combine the carriage of linear guideway and nut of ballscrew to a carriage-nut, SKM series can achieve the best use of space.

• High Rigidity 
Base on the optimal analysis of FEM for the shape of U rail, it has the balance between light weight and 
high rigidity.

• High Accuracy
The  design  of  two  rows  with  Gothic-arch  groove  and  stable  manufacturing  technology  can  control  the 
variation by load at the minimum. It can provide the smooth feed with high accuracy.


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